P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at
Fri Jul 2 17:39:44 EDT 2010

On 7/2/2010 5:32 PM, John Sessoms wrote:
> FWIW, in case anyone did miss me, I'm semi-lurking.
> I have to stay down at school during the week and don't have internet 
> access there yet. I'm trying to catch up from the list digests on 
> Friday nights.
> School's going kind of intense, we're 4 weeks into a 9 week semester 
> and I'm already 5 weeks behind.  ;-D
> I should be out shooting right now, but looks like the rest of the 
> world is taking a weekend off for some reason. Oh, well, maybe I'll go 
> cut the grass.
> Anyway, I'll try to get back someday.
You were gone?

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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 I've just upgraded to Thunderbird 3.0 and the interface subtly weird.\par

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