OT: Happy Canada Day

William Robb warobb at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 16:41:27 EDT 2010

From: "Daniel J. Matyola"
Subject: Re: OT: Happy Canada Day

> Why do you Canadians still put up with those silly "royals"?
> As the grandson of peasants, the pretension to royalty or nobility
> really offends me.

Technically, the Queen forms a pivotal part of our government structure, in 
that her representative (the Governor General) can tell the Prime Minister 
to go pound sand.
Unfortunately it doesn't work that way in reality, but I much prefer our 
method of bringing down a government that is running amok (the GG signing 
them out of power) than your way (assassinating unpopular presidents).
I have appealed to the Queen (GG) myself when I felt I was being treated 
unfairly by Revenue Canada, and she made them go away.
Consider the awesomeness of someone having that much power......

William Robb 

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