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William Robb warobb at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 15:31:32 EDT 2010

From: "Eric Weir"
Subject: Re: *ist DL?

> My camera arrived today. It looks good. Very good. I haven't been able try 
> it out, yet, other than checking out the manual and the menu options and 
> settings. I could use some advice/feedback:
> [1] I don't have a data card. Have never had a need for one. All I know is 
> I need an SD card. I gather they come in flavors. Cost is a consideration. 
> Any recommendations?

I don't think your istDl is up to the fastest cards out there, I don't even 
think it will us an SDHC card, so pretty much any card 2gb or smaller will 
It may well be that you can use an SDHC card, but make sure you know before 
buying one.

> [2] When I look through the viewfinder without a lens installed, I see 
> what look like flecks of dust here and there. Does that tell me anything 
> about where they are? Is this something I can remedy or do I need 
> competent technical help?

You may just be seeing the nap of the focusing screen. If it is dust, it is 
on the screen.
I would advise that you learn to live with it.
You can do a lot more harm trying to clean dust from the innards of a camera 
than you will ever derive benefit from removing said dust.

> [3] My only lenses at this point are manuals -- an smc pentax-m 1:1.7 
> 50mm, an smc pentax-m macro 1:4 100mm, and an albinar 1:2.8 135mm [the 
> latter says "auto" in the ring at the front of the lens, but there's no 
> "A" on the aperture ring.]

If there is no A setting on the ring, it is not an A lens.

> The manual says "Only DA and FA J lenses and D FA/FA/F/A lenses having an 
> A position on the aperture ring can be used with this camera." But two 
> pages later it also says, "When [Using aperture ring] is set to [2 
> Permitted] in [C Custom] menu, the shutter can be released even if the 
> aperture ring of the D FA, FA, F, or A lens is not set to the A position 
> or a lens without a A position is attached." That is followed by a table 
> show the features that are available when the aperture is not set to A or 
> lenses without A settings are installed.
> I am inclined for the time being, and possible for a long time, to use my 
> camera as a manual camera. [I want to learn how to do photography.] I take 
> from the above that I can use the manual lenses described above in this 
> camera.

We call it the "Green Button Kludge". Set the camera to allow the use of non 
A lenses, then when you want to take a picture, you set the lens aperture 
and press the green button. The camera will stop down momentarily to the 
shooting aperture and take a meter reading. It will then set the shutter 
speed based on that reading.

> Any reactions to my wanting to go manual? Any suggestions for other 
> useful, not too terribly expensive, manual lenses that I might consider, 
> e.g., one that would be closer to being equivalent to a 50mm on a film 
> camera?

I shoot manual most of the time, if I'm not shooting manual I'm in no-mind 
You might want to find a 28mm lens. They should be a dime a dozen and are 
very close to being a normal lens on the APS-C format digitals.

William Robb


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