OT: so how do you tell Google their maps have a town in, the wrong place?

Sam L samthegreat at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 12:00:33 EDT 2010

>On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 5:56 PM, John Sessoms <jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com> wrote:
>> From: Sam
>> I understand that some mapmakers put errors in their maps on purpose
>> in order to tell if someone steals their mAps.  I have no idea if
>> google does this.
> I don't think so.

Don't think it ever happens, or don't think that google does it?

I think it used to happen.  Cecil Adams / Straight Dope, Source Of All
That Is Truthful, has some examples where mapmakers intentionally put
false streets etc into their maps.


Does google do it?  In the past they purchased their map data from
other companies (so why would they have bothered or cared?).  But they
are now getting into the game of creating and owning their own maps.
It's nice that they give people a way to report issues, but that
doesn't preclude the possibility that they participate in similar


Sam [GPS nerd]

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