Feed Us Your Photoblog--The Solution

Doug Franklin jehosephat at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 1 21:15:40 EDT 2010

On 2010-07-01 18:31, Brian Walters wrote:

> Back on topic - the debate about 'no holds barred' critiques of images
> comes up regularly and never seems to get resolved.  Surely if someone
> post an images and says "comments, suggestions, criticisms welcome" (or
> something similar), we are entitled to take that request at face value
> and comment accordingly.

Who's face value?  Yours or mine?  I've happily coexisted in "bare 
knuckle" debate societies for which "Fuck you, you fucking fuck" was the 
standard opening line, and it wasn't window dressing.  But only a small 
minority of participants really want that sort of openness, can really 
deal with it when directed at them, regardless of their protestations.

I'm not picking on you, Brian, I don't know you that well.  But if 
you've been around the Earth for very long at all, you know the people 
I'm talking about.

 > Respectfully, of course....

Basically, that's where it all goes wrong.  Too many people can't, or 
won't, maintain the "respectfully" part of the deal.

DougF (KG4LMZ)

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