Feed Us Your Photoblog--The Solution

eckinator eckinator at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 17:40:21 EDT 2010

2010/7/1 Larry Colen <lrc at red4est.com>:
> In any case, I think that such a group would be better if it weren't equipment specific, and that trying to foster that level of open discussion may not keep the PDML as warm and welcoming to newcomers.  We could try to be more straightforward when someone asks for C&C, and also respect a request for gentle C&C. But lets not break what we have, trying to craft the platonic ideal of photo critique discussions.

If you want my opinion (ignore it if you don't) things should stay as
they are except for those who specifically request it and there should
perhaps be a stop code to terminate arguments getting out of hand. how
about "cormorant"? This list is a nice place and I wouldn't want that
to change for a large number.

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