filter enablement and cleaning

eckinator eckinator at
Thu Jul 1 14:56:48 EDT 2010

hi gang

maybe this is old news to most of you but I thought I'd post it anyway
in case it isn't

got my recent aby steal, a B+W UV/IR-CUT filter in the mail today and
replaced the Hoya Pro1 Digital MRC UV filter used so far which despite
frequent old school cleaning - give it a good moist breath and wipe it
with a piece of microfibre cloth - had lots of spots and fingerprint
residue etc on it. I remember reading somewhere Hoyas have a bad rep
for being hard to clean and so I broke out the lens cleaning liquid
and a bunch of other stuff and the result was invariably a colorful
smeary mess looking something like a wet oil stain in the street if
you know what I mean. Tried helmet visor cleaning tissue next,
eyeglass cleaning tissue, Olympus silicone impregnated lens cleaning
parchment and everything I could think of. Same mess every time.

So I quit and googled "cleaning Hoya filters" thinking, "heck I'll ask
PDML if I can't find anything".

Sure enough the first result was
where it says
"Never use any chemicals, such as lens cleaning fluid, on your
filters, as these can damage the coatings. If any stubborn stains
occur, these can usually be washed off with some clean water and a
soft cotton cloth."
Big OUCH, I had used all apparently suitable chemicals at my
disposal... so I let it soak in water for a while, found a clean
cotton kitchen towel and gently rubbed. Some came off, some didn't so
I rubbed harder, figuring the filter was probably ruined anyway. But
guess what, every single stain came off, there is no lint on the
filter, no scratches, no cleaning marks no matter which way or side I
hold it into the light, under a light or shine one across it. It looks
absolutely like new. I can't find a single fault.

BTW I bought the B+W to test the claim that the K10D's AA filter's IR
suppression is weak and that the filter will prevent color casts
("magenta concrete") in darker image areas. There won't be a newer
Pentax for me in the near future so I have to squeeze the best out of
what I have. If there is anything to report, I will pass it on, if you
don't hear from me about this again I wasted a couple of Euros.


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