OT: Car buffs, help needed

John Sessoms jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Sat Oct 31 20:39:57 EDT 2009

From: Sandra Hermann
> Cars are going the way of computers!  They are outdated before they
> are completely designed and make it to the assembly line.   I know in
> 06 we were already designing the 2010 Ram.

It's always been that way with cars; for as long as I can remember. I 
was still in kindergarten the first time I heard the phrase "planned 

It's an outgrowth of industrial mass production. Can't stay in business 
making & selling cars if the cars last forever. Someone has to buy new 
cars to keep the factories in operation.

With computers the cycle is mostly determined by the fact that every 18 
months or so the number of transistors that can be jammed into a "chip" 
doubles. That means that every year and a half, you can get twice as 
much computing power for the same amount of money, or you can get the 
same amount of computing power for half as much money.

There does seem to be a lower limit to how much the price will drop. It 
seems like after two cycles the older technology just is no longer 

And the "upgraded" "improved" versions of whatever software you're using 
won't run on the old systems anyway.

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