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>>> + Stability control , where the brakes are utilized to control vehicle
>>> dynamics in a turn ie applying the inside rear wheel brake to help in an
>>> understeer in a turn situation.
>>> Once again, not really news, late 90's entrance into common use
>>> No production vehicles come to mind.....
>> Introduced to the Japanese market in 1990 on the Mitsubishi Diamante
>> in its most primitive form, Mercedes-Benz introduced modern ESC 1995
>> on the W140 S-Class.
> ...and how many Diamants & W140 S class were sold ?

The Diamate was a fairly high-volume seller for its class, it was
Mitsubishi's flagship sedan of the era and a surprise hit for them
(Japanese tax structures changed right before its launch making it
much cheaper to own).

The S class is not a cheap car, but a respectable seller nonetheless,
being the top-selling flagship luxury sedan on the market.

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