any quick advice for halloween shots ?

ann sanfedele annsan at
Sat Oct 31 18:26:50 EDT 2009

Sandra Hermann wrote:

>This will be my first year to be able to trick or treat.  Seeing as I have worked nights since 1995 I have never done much dark photography.  Any tips? Sami is wearing a pink princess costume.   Should I take a tripod or would that be to much of a hassle?  I have a flash.  Would that ruin the "moment"?
>I hate trick or treating always have I really don't want to go, so I have to take the camera.
I'm with you on that, and often take a camera with me to events that I'm 
obliged to attend so i can hide behind it...

I avoid the HAlloween festivites like the plague - but I'd agree you 
will probably need a flash... shoot as fast as you can
and bounce the flash  if you can - sometimes a bit of flash blur can be 
fun, too...

Get her in her costume at home  or before it gets too dark ooops 
probably too alte for that already


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