OT PESO - NSFW Apparently!

steve harley pdml at paper-ape.com
Sat Oct 31 18:26:01 EDT 2009

On 2009-10-31 15:46 , P N Stenquist wrote:
> "Sexist" has negative implications. And to describe an artful photo like
> the one Savage presented as "sexist" is political correctness run amok.
> But that's my opinion, and you are entitled to yours.

i'm with Frank here; who says artful and sexist must be mutually 
exclusive? could such a photo only be sexist if it were poorly executed?

when you describe Frank's thoughtful and carefully contextualized 
critical opinion as "PC run amok", you yourself loudly seek to generate 
disapproval; in that sense, yours is the statement that seems PC

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