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I love ravens... they are worlds smarter than  pigeons.
Did you know they mate for life?

And tend to find a place to  call home and stay there.  
That's a shot that's fun and I'd put it into  bw I think...  

It is hard to resist feeding them... very naughty,  but I confess to 
doing it just once in winter at
the Painted Desert Blue  Mesa OVerlook... I wrote a poem about him.  I 
named him "Sam" (I named  all ravens "Sam")
and took a lot of photos :-)  )


I was wondering if they were a couple. If  they mate for life, I knew some 
birds did, then I would say they were a couple.  They never seemed to go far 
from each other. Thx for letting me know.  :-)

He had a bit of a buzz cut on his head for a while after she groomed  him. 
(I tended to think it as her and him, but could have been the other way  
around.) Looked sort of cute, like he was being punk.


We can't  solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them.  Albert Einstein

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