OT: Car buffs, help needed

Igor Roshchin str at komkon.org
Sat Oct 31 16:19:50 EDT 2009

Sat Oct 31 14:31:43 CDT 2009
Ken Waller wrote:

> I've driven some late model CVTs and find the lack of shift feel un-nerving, 
> you're always waiting to the - not to come - shift. If the advantages were 
> worth it, I'm sure I could get use to it.

That's exactly what I meant by that trend.
But it's all in your head. :-)

> From: "Adam Maas" 
> That feel was part of the issue, but the first wave of CVT's in the
> late 80's did rob power from the car, not due to efficiency losses,
> but due to effectively shifting up too fast, robbing the car of power
> at the wheels. The modern computer controlled CVT's have much better
> control over the ratio variation and thus can keep the change down
> when accelerating hard, which removes the feel of gutlessness. They're
> also using more powerful engines in cars now, it's a lot easier to
> make a 70-100HP, 2500lb car feel gutless than a 250HP 3500lb car.
> -- 

You are right.
Nissan Rogue 2008 (~4200 lbs) with a 170hp engine and CVT feels normal.
Even Versa (~3700 lbs) with 122 hp and CVT feels OK.


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