PESO - Black Pigeons

Bob W pdml at
Sat Oct 31 15:43:03 EDT 2009

> These guys hung around "Valley View" -- a  vista point in Yosemite.
> Despite there being a $250 fine against feeding  the 
> wildlife, I saw people feeding them all the time. (It is also 
> not good to  get wildlife dependent on being fed.)
> At first I thought they were crows,  but they were way too 
> big -- 8" to 12" 
> long. And fat. I decided they must be  ravens. It was sort of 
> weird seeing the bird of doom ("Nevermore.") acting like  a pigeon.
> As I was waiting for the light to get better, this grooming  
> went on. I presume one was picking something out of the 
> other's crown. Couple or  mother and child. It was 
> interesting bird behavior.  
> Just for  fun, nothing great.

Yes, they're ravens. We have them here in the Tower of London. If they leave
the tower, the monarchy will fall, which doesn't sound like too bad an idea
to me, but the beefeaters feed them so they don't move east and live off
doner kebabs instead. 

They're enormous birds. The people feeding them could easily lose a finger
or 2 if they're not careful.

Lovely plumage.


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