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Yes, they're ravens. We  have them here in the Tower of London. If they 
the tower, the monarchy  will fall, which doesn't sound like too bad an idea
to me, but the beefeaters  feed them so they don't move east and live off
doner kebabs instead.  

They're enormous birds. The people feeding them could easily lose a  finger
or 2 if they're not careful.

Lovely  plumage.


I watched one idiot try to get one  to feed from his palm. (The rest just 
scattered their offerings.)

I was  all prepared to pull out my cell phone and call emergency (except 
cells didn't  work in the valley). So, then, ala Larry, I was prepared to take 
photos of the  finger-losing-accident.

Luckily the bird was not quite tame enough to  feed from someone's hand.

I was surprised he didn't notice the big, sharp  (probably razor-sharp), 
curved beak. It was the first thing I  noticed.

Thanks for confirming they are ravens. They were  huge.

Marnie aka Doe  :-)

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created them. Albert  Einstein  

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