FS - isn't it still Friday somewhere???

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Sat Oct 31 15:51:17 EDT 2009

> http://stores.lulu.com/annsan
> all the photos that are in the calendar are here in my 
> smugmug WORKs in 
> print area
> http://tinyurl.com/ykxy2by
> http://annsan.smugmug.com/Works-in-Print/Calendars-in-Print/Pa
> ris-Engagement-calendar/9746934_SCVgP

I'll order mine sometime in the next week or so.

> Happy Halloween ( to me that's an oxymoron, actually... I 
> hate it when 
> the only things on tv are scary and gory!)

We have Strictly Come Dancing, which can be pretty gruesome, and
AutumnWatch, which is about wildlife and very interesting - although tonight
it's about bats, owls and nocturnal wildlife in an overgrown Victorian
cemetery, so they're getting into the spirit of the evening!

I've also been stuffing chocolate lollipops into the faces of all the kids
who call round emulating Somalian pirates. I only have one chocolate
lollipop left, so I'm hoping there'll be no more callers...

I like Halloween and Guy Fawkes much more than Christmas.


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