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Sat Oct 31 15:08:17 EDT 2009

I love ravens... they are worlds smarter than pigeons.
Did you know they mate for life?

And tend to find a place to call home and stay there.  
That's a shot that's fun and I'd put it into bw I think...  

It is hard to resist feeding them... very naughty, but I confess to 
doing it just once in winter at
the Painted Desert Blue Mesa OVerlook... I wrote a poem about him.  I 
named him "Sam" (I named all ravens "Sam")
 and took a lot of photos :-) )


Eactivist at wrote:

>These guys hung around "Valley View" -- a  vista point in Yosemite.
>Despite there being a $250 fine against feeding  the wildlife, I saw people 
>feeding them all the time. (It is also not good to  get wildlife dependent 
>on being fed.)
>At first I thought they were crows,  but they were way too big -- 8" to 12" 
>long. And fat. I decided they must be  ravens. It was sort of weird seeing 
>the bird of doom ("Nevermore.") acting like  a pigeon.
>As I was waiting for the light to get better, this grooming  went on. I 
>presume one was picking something out of the other's crown. Couple or  mother 
>and child. It was interesting bird behavior.  
>Just for  fun, nothing great.
>Marnie aka Doe  :-)
>We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
>created them. Albert  Einstein  
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