PESO - Half Dome Pow

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Sat Oct 31 14:45:42 EDT 2009

Very nice capture as is, although I'd either like more detail in the 
foreground or a totally silhouetted foreground, as the couple of visible 
trees in the foreground are a little distracting.

Kenneth Waller

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>I just got back from a little 3 1/2 - 4 day trip  to Yosemite.
> I went 3 years ago in October and discovered then it was  much easier to
> get in the fall. So I thought I'd try it again. Only this time it  was 
> colder and I found it hard to walk around and take shots, I got so 
> chilled.
> The second day it warmed up a little and there were clouds!  (The first 
> day
> and three years ago there were none, which is-not-good.)
> Yosemite is dynamic range problem, the rocks reflect back a lot of light
> and the pine trees are very dark. Three years ago I blew out tons of 
> shots.
> This  time around I used exposure lock as much as possible. Made a big
> difference.
> The title of this is more how I feel about it than anything  -- that there
> were clouds and that exposure lock was helping me solving the  bright rock
> problem.
> This Half Dome taken in a field near Camp Curry. Not  a preferred place to
> take it. Probably because nothing shows scale. The only  thing that shows
> scale is that those little green things on top are pine  trees.
> Comments  welcome.
> Marnie aka Doe  :-)

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