OT: Car buffs, help needed

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>> buffs, help needed
>>> A competent driver doesn't produce "the jerky motion" when shifting.
>> A classic example of being wrong.

> Depends on how you parse the sentence. A proper shift should not be
> jerky, but on the other hand it could still have an abrupt change in
> acceleration (which is what people are not feeling with standard
> CVT's)

A competent driver is doing a lot more than shifting gears, and with rev 
holders built into pollution control systems, getting absolutely seamless 
shifting with a manual box is just about impossible.
To me, competence behind the wheel has more to do with obeying traffic laws, 
not texting while driving, not causing car accidents, being a defensive, or 
at least neutral driver rather than being belligerant behind the wheel, and 
showing a modicum of consideration for the people you are sharing the road 
with than it has to do with how well you shift gears.

William Robb 

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