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Hi Marnie-

You  got me curious and I started looking through the menus on the
Pentax. And  yup, there's on/off settings for both auto exposure lock
w/ AF lock and  linking the auto exposure w/ the AF point.

OTOH, I wonder if I'm doing  something wrong when I use the AE-L
function to meter off something  brighter/darker and then

-  Pat

Going to check mine, but think I can do that too.  I just didn't think of 
it soon enough.

Nope, nothing wrong with using  exposure lock. The other option is to use a 
graduated neutral density filter  (think it is called that). Which is the 
more "photographer's way" to go. Several  guys I talked to where using those 
in one particular situation we were all in (I  need to get one). Some 
things, like Yosemite (light rock against sky, dark trees  below) just have a 
dynamic range that is very challenging.

I tried spot  metering too, but that really didn't seem to help. (Thinking 
that all AE was  really doing was overriding evaluative metering. I need to 
play with spot  metering more too. Not sure why that didn't do it, actually.)

Marnie  :-)

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