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gldnbearz gldnbearz.pdml at
Sat Oct 31 12:36:33 EDT 2009

Hi Marnie-

You got me curious and I started looking through the menus on the
Pentax. And yup, there's on/off settings for both auto exposure lock
w/ AF lock and linking the auto exposure w/ the AF point.

OTOH, I wonder if I'm doing something wrong when I use the AE-L
function to meter off something brighter/darker and then

- Pat

On Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 9:26 AM,  <Eactivist at> wrote:
> I just took tons  and used exposure lock and it worked one half of the
> time. (Only one half,  because my fingers aren't that coordinated -- on the
> Canon, push shutter to  focus, quickly push another button to exposure lock. Not
> sure what it is on the  Pentax, but must be similar. I am going to see if
> that can't be a custom  function, push focus automatically means exposure
> lock. It would be easier. I  must admit I am still learning my camera, haven't
> used it THAT much since I got  it.)
> I was helped with this shot that the clouds were throwing some  shadows on
> Half Dome, helping give it definition.
> Thanks mucho also to  Paul, frank, and Adam.
> Marnie aka Doe  :-)

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