OT: Any PDMLers in zurich?

SJ pdml.live at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 11:05:59 EDT 2009


wondering if there are any PDMLers in/nearby zurich? i will be visiting
zurich (a junket trip) for about three days in the first week of
november (that's next week) and though it will be packed with
'official' packaged tours, should be free in the evening at least
one of those days... i remember there was markus maurer from zurich on
the list a couple of years back. anybody else? 

hoping i can do some satisfying photography. :) my first visit to a
european city. taking the k10d, sigma 10-20, fa 35/2, fa 50/1.4 and the
da 50-200...appreciate any (photographic) suggestions/ inputs too...

regards, subash

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