OT: Car buffs, help needed

Boris Liberman boris71 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 06:41:35 EDT 2009

Paul, I am thinking in lines of hybrid engine technology and green 
engines of all sorts starting with Blue Motion by VW and of course 
Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. In particular, it becomes more and more 
like with computers. Not long ago you could buy a car for half dozen 
years or more. Today, new version of Prius is so much better than 
previous one (at least on paper) that you might want to upgrade. Also, 
given the fact that some of the motoring technology lies in the 
software, may be some day a firmware upgrade will be a common thing.

I am not a car buff though.


paul stenquist wrote:
> What's the latest gee-whiz technology in the auto biz. Looking for 
> topics that are unusual and somewhat obscure. For example the ceramic 
> brake disc is potentially a good topic, the hydrogen fuel cell  is 
> probably not. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
> Paul
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