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I've been so desk-bound  with work lately that the only thing I've been 
to photograph is my big  toe.

Though Sunday I went out for a quick walk with the camera and  caught this 
very quiet autumn  moment.

Comments  welcome.
Cheers, Christine 

I like the idea,  and it's fun (old world and that riot of color, purple 
scarf and red leaves).  But the background appears blown. I'd also lose the 
cars. Since you've got it in  a square crop, changing it to an unusual crop 
wouldn't make that much  difference.

I played with it a bit, excuse the presumption, to bring up  detail in the 
background, and cropping it. 

I haven't read the very long  thread yet :-), so maybe someone else made 
these suggestions already. I'll take  down my played-with-version once you've 
seen it.

HTH, Marnie   

We can't solve problems  by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them. Albert Einstein   

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