Jane Brown

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>> Sure, count me in.  I've got to pop into work to give a quick lecture
>> on
>> Blake and Shelley, but I should be able to Concord-it across the pond.
>> We'll have to cab it to the airport because our family chauffer is
>> drying
>> out, but we'll get there, no problem.  I'll have two cameras in hand
>> and a
>> husband in tow--say 3 p.m. in front of the Flag and Lamb?  First
>> round's on
>> me.  We'll see ya then.    ;-).  Cheers, Christine
> So you'll be staying in Claridge's then. Perhaps we could join you in your
> penthouse suite for a champagne breakfast to set us up for the day?

How very unneighborly of me not to think of this sooner--I'll ring the 
housekeeper and set it up. 

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