Tips for loosening 77mm filter?

Igor Roshchin str at
Fri Oct 30 15:45:49 EDT 2009

It shouldn't work if the lens thread is metallic and made of a similar
metal  (as the lens will also contract)
It might work if it's non-metalic.


Fri Oct 30 03:20:57 CDT 2009
mike wilson wrote:

---- Igor Roshchin <str at> wrote: 
> In principle, it shoud be easier in a warmer room, - as all
> the metals expand with increasing temperature. 
> I know when my 77mm ultra-thin B&W polarizer filter gets stuck in cold
> weather, bringing it to a warm room helps.
> I haven't tried to increase the temperature beyond the room temperature.
> Obviously, I would not use a heat-gun, but I would consider
> using a warm-air hair blow-drier.
> Good luck.
> Igor

Conversely, stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes.

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