OT Turning Adobe Gamma off

William Robb warobb at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 14:50:32 EDT 2009

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From: "David J Brooks"
Subject: OT Turning Adobe Gamma off

> Hey troops.
> I had turned my adobe gamma off when i set up Spyder I as suggested by
> a number of people here.
> However, after coming back from the PC surgeon, it appears he may have
> done a system restore and i need to turn it back off.
> I cannot remember how i did it.
> Any one

On XP Pro:
C/Documrnts ad Settings/All Users/Start menu/ Startup

Delete the Adobe gamma shortcut.
You may also find other shorcuts in there that you may want to delete. 
Microsoft Office, for example, seems to like putting shortcuts into the 
I prefer to start my apps myself rather than have them start when the 
machine boots and then sit idle while I'm not using them.

William Robb

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