OT -- Enough of silly looking tin box cars...

Christian christian at skofteland.net
Fri Oct 30 13:12:23 EDT 2009

John Sessoms wrote:
> From: Christian
>> P. J. Alling wrote:
>>> > How about a book about an entire car milled, (yes milled, not 
>>> stamped), > out of aluminum?  A book bound in milled aluminum?
>>> > > Well here it is:
>>> > > http://www.kirkhammotorsports.com/book_aoe/
>> I'd prefer a car built entirely of wood
>> http://www.joeharmondesign.com/
> That is SOOOOO cool!
> And it turns out he's right around here in my neck of the woods. But I 
> haven't seen the car out on the street yet.

Sadly his last blog entry is about a year old.  It seems the project has 
fallen off the map.  Too bad because the concept and execution looked 
awesome.  I love wood boats and will be building one soon (a small 
daysailor) and saw this car in one of my Dad's woodworking magazines. 
The engineering is amazing and it proves what a viable material wood is.

To get back on topic (for the PDML anyway) ever see the bamboo bicycles?




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