GESO What happens when you loan a model a camera?

Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Fri Oct 30 12:06:05 EDT 2009

Larry Colen wrote:
> A couple of friends of mine from dancing wanted to do a photoshoot
> today. [...]
> When we were down at the bridge, I gave them the K100 with DA40 and
> would let them play. I coached them a bit on exposure. We shot
> everything on manual exposure, as the goal was to help them learn. I
> did grab a few shots with the K100, mostly showing them how to do
> various things.

Hey Larry, there're some real nice shots there.  You should encourage 
Gwen to shoot more and get her own Flickr account. You've clearly taught 
her well and she's got talent, I'd say.  Tiffany is a great looking 
model and should be encouraged in that too.

You know, this whole dancing thing has its obvious attractions. Maybe I 
should be checking into it ... :-)

Aside: Did you ever see the original Japanese movie called Shall We 
Dansu? (1996)
You'd love it!

> I really need to start looking for a job, or at least sell my racecar,
> but in the meantime I'm having fun with the camera. 

Oh that sounds so familiar to me. ;-)


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