Tips for loosening 77mm filter? Follow-up: rubber FTW

Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Fri Oct 30 11:26:07 EDT 2009

Mark Roberts wrote:
> Bruce Walker wrote:
>> I attached a brand new Tiffen circular polarizer to my DA* 16-50 about 8 
>> weeks ago. I tried to remove it the other day and found it wouldn't 
>> budge.  At 77mm diameter it's hard to grip, plus the circular polarizer 
>> ring keeps rotating and gives me even less to hold onto.
>> Any suggestions?  (I mean besides "learn to live with it there" :-) )
> Get a thin rubber band that's smaller than the filter circumference
> and stretch it over the fixed part of filter. Or buy one of those
> filter-removal wrenches.

Yes!  The elastic band easily conquered the Tiffen's stiction!

Thank-you very much Robert, and a big thanks to everyone who added their 
great suggestions.  And considering how cheap the filter wrenches are, I 
will most likely buy a set, at least for 77mm and 67mm.

As the young'uns say: PDML rawks!  :-)


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