Jane Brown

Christine Aguila caguila at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 30 00:19:12 EDT 2009

>From: "Chris Mitchell" <chris.mitchell at which.net>

> That would be great Bob. I'm looking at 7th or 8th November. How are you
> fixed? Anyone else interested?

Sure, count me in.  I've got to pop into work to give a quick lecture on 
Blake and Shelley, but I should be able to Concord-it across the pond. 
We'll have to cab it to the airport because our family chauffer is drying 
out, but we'll get there, no problem.  I'll have two cameras in hand and a 
husband in tow--say 3 p.m. in front of the Flag and Lamb?  First round's on 
me.  We'll see ya then.    ;-).  Cheers, Christine

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