Igor Roshchin str at
Thu Oct 29 16:09:18 EDT 2009

(Oops... I just sent an empty message...)


Yes, you are right. 
I just thought that could've been a configurable option in LR - 
where to write backups..

I also just imagined that if there were a separate utility that would
do it, it could be animated with a lizard appearing from the
icon of the backup disk, extending his long tonque, and licking away
the backup folder.


Thu Oct 29 13:12:05 CDT 2009
Boris Liberman wrote:


Igor Roshchin wrote:
> 2. Just in case: keep in mind that LightRoom catalogs cannot be 
> on the network-mounted disks (at least under Windows, but I believe
> that's OS-independent, - as somebody attributed it to the SQLite
> database that is used by LR. 

Though this might be right, this is not really an obstacle. You can 
simply back up the LR catalog on the NAS at any time. This is what I am 
doing - each time LR makes a backup of the catalog, I simply copy it 
away immediately to my disk box.


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