K7 prices - yet another slight move down

Igor Roshchin str at komkon.org
Thu Oct 29 11:29:16 EDT 2009

If somebody is waiting for lower prices for K7:

I noticed that buydig/beachcamera and Amazon prices for K7 went down
to $1019. 
A bunch of less reliable (and reportedly-scam) stores already indicate
prices slightly below $1000.

I think (and hope) that following the end of the "instant" rebate on
Pentax website (also used at a few other online stores), - 
at the end of October, - there will be either a further decrease or
a MIR for bigger amount, or both.

It's interesting that K7 is available at Sam's Club. (It is also
available at Walmart.) But despite low price (Sam's Club: $1044), - 
it is not as competitive because of the sales taxes.


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