Tips for loosening 77mm filter?

William Robb warobb at
Thu Oct 29 10:32:49 EDT 2009

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From: "Bruce Walker"
Subject: Tips for loosening 77mm filter?

>I attached a brand new Tiffen circular polarizer to my DA* 16-50 about 8 
>weeks ago. I tried to remove it the other day and found it wouldn't budge. 
>At 77mm diameter it's hard to grip, plus the circular polarizer ring keeps 
>rotating and gives me even less to hold onto.
> Any suggestions?  (I mean besides "learn to live with it there" :-) )

They can weld themselves on, can't they?
The mistake many people make when trying to remove a stubborn filter is to 
grip the thing in such a way as to deform the ring. This is 
counterproductive as it makes it even harder to remove.
Whatever tool you use, make sure it grabs as much of the ring as possible 
and be aware that you can warp the ring.

William Robb 

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