OT PC Surgery

John Sessoms jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Thu Oct 29 01:22:10 EDT 2009

From: "William Robb"
> From: "P N Stenquist" 

>> > The main advantage of a Mac these days is that there are far fewer  
>> > viruses and spyware out there to haunt your computer. Macs still don't  
>> > seem to be a target for the idiots. And most who use both platforms  
>> > consider the Mac interface quite a bit less clumsy than a PC.
> Does mac offer a real two button mouse yet?

Every time I've asked that question, I've been told you can use any kind 
of mouse you want with a Mac, as long as it's USB. I couldn't get it to 
work on the school's Macs when I tried it though. Or at least I couldn't 
get the right button to function. Maybe there's something you have to 
set up that I couldn't access.

My personal experience though is the Mac interface is not as user 
friendly as Windoze. And I am NOT a fan of Windoze by any means.

I started off with DOS, and came to Windoze by way of OS/2 - I think IBM 
did a better job stealing Xerox's Alto GUI than either Micro$oft or Apple.

But, while IBM was a great technology company, their marketing SUX ... 
although I think their anti-trust consent decree hampered them in the PC 
market more than anything else. They hesitated too often and too long 
for fear of running afoul of the Justice Department again.

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