OT PC Surgery

Sandra Hermann jeepgirls2004 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 28 22:38:10 EDT 2009

I can agree with what you said here too.  I have a desktop that I bought in 2000 that works just fine except a disk is stuck in one of the drives, and nothing much works on ME anymore, I tend to forget about it unless I need music.... 

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> There is also the argument that a mac last for many more
> years than a pc. They told me that overall my mac would last
> approx. 6 years.  I may need to eventually get an
> external hard drive but the equipment part will last. When
> my dad figured out how much it costs and how many years it
> will last it was approx. 75 cents per day to own the
> machine... The guy at the mac store told me the same
> thing.  I asked why I couldn't just pay him 75 cents
> per day as long as the machine worked.  He really
> didn't take well to that idea.
> That's rubbish. My first PC is over 10 years old now and
> still ticking along on all original equipment.
> My second one is still in service, at 7 years of age, and
> my third one, which is now my back-up box still is working
> fine, although I had to replace a power supply that failed.
> (It turned out to be a cheap piece of junk, the replacement
> is good)
> As with everything, you get what you pay for. Mac is pretty
> much all proprietary, even with the switch to intel chips.
> You don't get to pick and choose component brands, you take
> what Apple gives you, and they aren't skimping.
> PCs have a much broader range of usable components, some
> very good, some very very bad. People choose to buy the
> cheapest crap they can, load an OS onto it and then watch
> their hardware melt down.
> Buy quality components and PC's are reliable machines, and
> are still less money than a Mac.
> Often, it isn't a machine going soft that causes it to be
> taken out of service so much as the computer world just
> advances far enough that it doesn't make sense to keep using
> the thing.
> William Robb 
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