PESO for Canadians

Mark Roberts mark at
Wed Oct 28 19:46:41 EDT 2009

William Robb wrote:

>From: "Mark Roberts"
>> Found in a gift shop in Pittsburgh:
>That's funny. For it to be authentic it would have to taste like pine sap 
>And it's kinda faggy to wear a black turtleneck under a turtleneck.
>They've managed to mangle just about all the sterotypes.

I'm thinking that somewhere I have a shot of Dave Brooks that I could
Photoshop in there to make it more accurate. Bur really, if you want
to sell a "Look and Feel Canadian" spray, the key to success is to
make Americans feel like their *idea* of "Canadian" rather than feel
like the real thing.

I don't know what's in the package above, but that "Sheep sold
separately" disclaimer is worrying...

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