steve harley pdml at
Wed Oct 28 17:26:47 EDT 2009

On 2009-10-27 19:57 , Doug Franklin wrote:
> Have any of the PDML faithful tried using Network Attached Storage (NAS)
> for their photo archive?

if you have a machine that is always on, you probably don't need Network 
Attached Storage -- cheaper, and potentially faster, to just hang some 
drives off that machine

i do this, because i have other things besides storage that i keep 
online 24/7 (FileMaker Server and my iTunes library, specifically)

my attached storage is in a dual-drive FireWire enclosure sold by OWC 
(; it's very quiet; the fan is high quality and there's 
enough isolation in the enclosure that the loudest things are the soft 
clunks when the heads move; by contrast, i also have a Western Digital 
dual-drive enclosure that i'm loathe to turn on because of the horrible fan

for Mac users where a NAS does makes sense, a decent approach is a Time 
Capsule, which combines a wireless/gigabit ethernet router with a hard 
drive; i have a 1TB unit which does automatic backups of my partner's laptop

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