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There is also the argument that a mac last for many more years than a pc. 
They told me that overall my mac would last approx. 6 years.  I may need to 
eventually get an external hard drive but the equipment part will last. When 
my dad figured out how much it costs and how many years it will last it was 
approx. 75 cents per day to own the machine... The guy at the mac store told 
me the same thing.  I asked why I couldn't just pay him 75 cents per day as 
long as the machine worked.  He really didn't take well to that idea.

That's rubbish. My first PC is over 10 years old now and still ticking along 
on all original equipment.
My second one is still in service, at 7 years of age, and my third one, 
which is now my back-up box still is working fine, although I had to replace 
a power supply that failed. (It turned out to be a cheap piece of junk, the 
replacement is good)
As with everything, you get what you pay for. Mac is pretty much all 
proprietary, even with the switch to intel chips. You don't get to pick and 
choose component brands, you take what Apple gives you, and they aren't 
PCs have a much broader range of usable components, some very good, some 
very very bad. People choose to buy the cheapest crap they can, load an OS 
onto it and then watch their hardware melt down.
Buy quality components and PC's are reliable machines, and are still less 
money than a Mac.
Often, it isn't a machine going soft that causes it to be taken out of 
service so much as the computer world just advances far enough that it 
doesn't make sense to keep using the thing.

William Robb 

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