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Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Wed Oct 28 09:47:20 EDT 2009

Larry Colen wrote:
> I'm afraid that my model is nowhere near as attractive as the recently
> posted Tina or Casey.
> I did a photoshoot today in my backyard studio. Garry saw my post on a
> website that I was looking for people to practice portraiture on.
> It was my first real shoot using my backyard studio. I.e. with the
> clear plastic canopy over my dancefloor.  
> The first three shots are ambient light, just using the clear plastic
> as a diffuser, the last two are with strobes.
> We were having problem with glare, so I sent Zab out to get some
> makeup while we reviewed some of the pictures. Looking at the final
> shots, I have a lot to learn about makeup. 
> We started out the set using Home Depot Canvas tarps as backdrops,
> then I turned 90 degrees to use the redwoods as a background. They
> worked a lot better.
> Feedback is appreciated.

I think these all look very good, Larry. I prefer the first and the 
third, with the 1st getting the nod for a very natural expression. I 
must say you get really nice even light from your canopy.  And you are 
so lucky to be able to do outside portraits with a redwood background! 
(Any outside portraits I do right now would involve raincoats and bare 

My problem with the flash shots is just that I think the lighting is 
*too* even. I think you want to reveal more character, especially with 
male subjects, so you could use overall even light to illuminate the 
scene and some hard light from a smaller source angled to give his face 
more definition.

Just my 2 cents, discounted for my own noob level. :-)


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