DA* AF problem - diagnostic opinions welcome

Leon Altoff leon.altoff at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 08:21:47 EDT 2009


Good luck with the repair, I hope any separation from your equipment is short.

You will like the 60-250.  It was on my list for so long while I
waited for it to come out that my wife happily let me buy it just to
stop me saying how useful it would be in this particular situation
(included a 3 month round the world holiday with 9,500 images taken -
I know, I wasn't really trying).

I skipped the K20 as not enough of a change from the K10, but I like the K7.


2009/10/28 Stan Halpin <stan at stans-photography.info>:

> Anyway, as I meant to say in my previous blank message, thanks Leon. I am
> afraid you are right about the camera-lens interaction being the possible
> cause of the problem. One difference between the two bodies is that the one
> where I have the problem has the Battery Grip attached, the other doesn't.
> Will try it all again without grip before I send anything away.
> And thanks for the K-7 thought. But next on my list is the 60-250. Once I
> recover from that, I may consider the K-7.

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