Let me introduce myself... and a PESO

Desjardins, Steve DesJardinS at wlu.edu
Tue Oct 27 19:57:59 EDT 2009

Welcome. I try to shoot for stress release; I often fail ;-)
Steve Desjardins

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Hi!  My name is Sandy or jeepgirl.  I have been lurking for awhile, but apparently my setting was wrong in my email so I couldn't post.  (Thanks Doug)  Pentax and I have been friends since Dec of 1995.  Hopefully I have improved a lot since then. I shoot for stress relief.  I am currently unemployed and have some extra time on my hands so I thought I would get back in touch with some of my favorite people.  I hope life is treating you all well!   
For my PESO check out:  http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_LBVQqSnxnVs/SuTFA-InhVI/AAAAAAAACbQ/5jg3p3PN0sY/s1600-h/1.jpg
The whole blog is open and only shot that I have taken recently.   I have more stuff on Facebook, but it seems to get mixed in with life pictures. 
Tell me what you think!
Talk to you all again soon

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