New monitor: very cool indeed

Mark Roberts mark at
Tue Oct 27 16:22:30 EDT 2009

Yes, size *is* important. 

Got my new 24" widescreen monitor yesterday and it is indeed big and
beautiful. Calibration and profiling went smoothly and I'm now in
big-screen heaven. The new monitor has an H-IPS panel, as opposed to
the S-PVA of my older monitor. I can't say there are any noticeable
differences in image quality, but then there shouldn't be as they're
both very high quality devices. But I certainly can fit a lot more
"stuff" on all that extra screen real estate!

Then I stopped by to see my S.O. Lisa and help install Photoshop on
her computer at work. And I noticed that they had set her up with
exactly the same monitor that I just got at home! Pretty surprising
for a big university IT department not to cut corners and go for a
cheap TN unit. I suppose it could be because she'll be working with
images for publication, so a serious monitor is a good idea.

"Then again", suggested Lisa, "maybe it's just because this is

OK. Point taken.

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