GESO: Fall colors and elk shoot on my blog.

tbeilby at tbeilby at
Tue Oct 27 07:21:32 EDT 2009

I would like to thank all for the comments on my work from last Saturday. I 
was really excited shooting and then seeing them on my screen. I am so glad 
not to get the "too dark" comments like I did on the bike rally shots.  Just 
a couple of comments, Ann, It took us a while before we could see the elk 
too. We had to wait several minutes though, then the sun started coming up. 
I do like the one of the tree line with the fog behind it also. Christine, I 
thought of your fog shot several time that morning. Larry, your comment 
cracked me up. Jack, I was trying to get a barn shot for a PSNWA 
competition, hence the many different shots of the same barns. Again, thanks 
to all for the positive comments. I have restricted myself to using the 
tripod on all my landscapes and the extra time I spend has made a big 
difference in my results I think.

Ted Beilby

"The eye of the viewer becomes the eye of the Photographer." Albert Maysles 

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