GESO: Shonen Knife

D. Glenn Arthur Jr. dglenn at
Tue Oct 27 04:24:46 EDT 2009

Tim Bray <tbray at> wrote:
> Most of you won't have heard of them.  They're a really good rock&roll
> band from Japan, no longer very popular.  If you like sweet melodies
> and loud guitars, I guarantee they'll make you happy.  

I adore Shonen Knife.  Own a few albums, seen 'em live once.
"Sweet melodies and loud guitars" isn't inaccurate, but does
seem to leave out the way that classic-rock, punk, and surf
influences can all shine through simultaneously in a single
song that doesn't really fit any of those three genres.  

Off to go look at your gallery now ...

					-- Glenn

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