GESO after a month of lurking

Bob W pdml at
Tue Oct 27 03:56:10 EDT 2009

> Work has been... ummm... consuming lately, and Saturday found 
> me with 1075 unread PDML posts.  I don't think I'll get to 
> all of them, but I am looking at most of the pix.
> Herewith a small gallery from a whirlwind trip to London for 
> a meeting last week.  Arrived Sunday morning, up to 
> Faringdon, Monday at the lab in Oxford, meeting in London 
> Tuesday, home Wednesday.
> These are from a damp Wednesday morning in the Belgravia 
> section of London.

Very nice Rick, especially Staying Dry - she won't get a tan from standing
in the English rain.

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