GESO: Fall colors and elk shoot on my blog.

ann sanfedele annsan at
Tue Oct 27 00:23:09 EDT 2009

I think I like the one of the fog burning off the best..., the first 
one, where you _say_ one can see the
elk, I couldn't see an elk at all...

after I had it full screen for a minute or two the elk emerged...  but 
that particular spot was
what I liked most.


tbeilby at wrote:

> Just posted a group of photos on my blog from the PSNWA shoot this 
> weekend.
> C&C welcomed.
> Not too many elk visible, it was foggy and dark while they were out. 
> The colors were amazing when the sun burned off the fog. It was sort 
> of like driving around in Yellowstone because of all the traffic on 
> the roads and on the trails.
> Ted Beilby
> "The eye of the viewer becomes the eye of the Photographer." Albert 
> Maysles
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