PESO: M/V Avendre

Christine Aguila caguila at
Mon Oct 26 23:30:14 EDT 2009

From: "frank theriault" <knarftheriault at>

> 2009/10/26 Ralf R. Radermacher <fotoralf at>:
> I think someone should take Savage's
> red-bikini-black-leather-jacket-semi-naked pirate girl and photoshop
> her on the deck of your boat.

I'll second the motion but only if the 
"red-bikini-black-leather-jacket-semi-naked pirate girl is photoshopped in 
with a muscle-bulging-cute-butt-semi-naked pirate guy who's got seductive 
mischief in his eye.

Very nice boat pic, Ralf.  Cheers, Christine 

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