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Mark Roberts <mark at> wrote:

> Is it, in fact, HDR? Does "ImageFuser" do HDR or does it merely work
> by blending layer transparency the way you can do yourself manually in
> Photoshop?

It is indeed a blending technique. ImageFuser itself is a mere graphical

"ImageFuser is a MacOSX program that fuses multiple exposures of one
scene into an image with greater detail and well balanced exposure by
using the well exposed areas of the original multi-exposure images.
ImageFuser is a graphical frontend for the open source command line
tools Enfuse and Align_Image_Stack. Next to these tools Phil Harvey's
ExifTool is used to copy exif, jfif, tiff, iptc, gps, icc profile data
etc. to the new images."

The actual work is done by AlignImageStack, which is surprisingly good
at precisely stacking hand-held shots and then by Enfuse which...

"merges overlapping images using the Mertens-Kautz-Van Reeth exposure
fusion algorithm. ... This is a quick way to blend differently exposed
images into a nice output image, without producing intermediate HDR
images that are then tonemapped to a viewable image. This simplified
process often works much better than the currently known tonemapping

They're certainly right with this last sentence. More info on Enfuse and
the algorithm it uses can be found here:


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