PESO: M/V Avendre

Mark Roberts mark at
Mon Oct 26 17:51:25 EDT 2009

Ralf R. Radermacher wrote:

>Mark Roberts <mark at> wrote:
>> Is it, in fact, HDR? Does "ImageFuser" do HDR or does it merely work
>> by blending layer transparency the way you can do yourself manually in
>> Photoshop?
>It is indeed a blending technique. ImageFuser itself is a mere graphical
>"ImageFuser is a MacOSX program that fuses multiple exposures of one
>scene into an image with greater detail and well balanced exposure by
>using the well exposed areas of the original multi-exposure images.
>ImageFuser is a graphical frontend for the open source command line
>tools Enfuse and Align_Image_Stack. Next to these tools Phil Harvey's
>ExifTool is used to copy exif, jfif, tiff, iptc, gps, icc profile data
>etc. to the new images."
>The actual work is done by AlignImageStack, which is surprisingly good
>at precisely stacking hand-held shots and then by Enfuse which...
>"merges overlapping images using the Mertens-Kautz-Van Reeth exposure
>fusion algorithm. ... This is a quick way to blend differently exposed
>images into a nice output image, without producing intermediate HDR
>images that are then tonemapped to a viewable image. This simplified
>process often works much better than the currently known tonemapping
>They're certainly right with this last sentence. More info on Enfuse and
>the algorithm it uses can be found here:

Cool! I much prefer this kind of thing to HDR.

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