OT: hear ye hear ye... my 3 new wall calendars in my cafepress store... and more stuff

ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Mon Oct 26 16:11:47 EDT 2009


I know this is kinda bringing coals to Newcastle in terms of the wall 
calendars - most of you are probably making
youw own...

However -- there are now 10 wall calendar designs  - the first 3 up 
there are the new ones

As Seen in New York, Available Seating and The Cat's Meow (be sure to 
point out  the last one to M. J. :-)

All the standard wall calendars are $18.69

If even a couple of you order stuff from my store there before the month 
ends , I think I'll get a little bonus.

I think there is a bit of a discount now on calendars until Oct 31st too...

If you do buy anything directly from Cafepress I recommend "economy" 
shipping... that's the only time they use
USPS and I've found it more reliable and no slower than what they call 

Also - there is my new engagement calendar on lulu - the last of the 4 
things listed...



there is a preview which shows the layout but all the lulu previews are 
very low quality.  

The engagement calendar is $12.59  on lulu -- and there is a slight 
discount if you buy more than one.  

but if you want to buy THAT write me first... I'm 99% sure it's final 
and the format worked out correctly
but  I've got two copies coming this week to triple check...

I'm happy with taking orders directly for those  - and I definitely 
would charge less shipping than lulu.
And of course I'll sign the copies if you get them from me.

Now- back to your regularly unscheduled pun fest....


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